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Summer Dating

Involved in all aspects of the marketing process from the app’s launch in Fall, 2022; social media, content creation, branding, influencer relations, marketing, research, outreach, and metrics. Conducted in-depth competitor research to gain a better understanding of the dating app market and used that information to create a growing online community that is now made of roughly 37,000 followers.


Planned Summer’s social media calendar and ran all social media channels (IG, TikTok, Facebook). Created unique video and static content for social and designed digital and print marketing materials. 


Worked with the Summer marketing team to plan and host numerous influencer and community events. Collaborated with cross-functional teams, vendors and influencers. Oversaw event logistics; outreach, brand partnerships, and guest registration.


Responsible for influencer and media outreach, creating media lists, and direct communication/negotiation with influencers Researched, identified, and employed niche content creators to improve brand awareness, and increase app/social traffic.

Designed and wrote copy for "Summer Mag" which acted as branded content used to help develop the new Summer brand voice. Printed versions could be found at Summer Social Club community events.

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