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Strahan Brand

Capstone: Brand Storytelling 


Loyola Marymount University College of Business Administration


NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer Micheal Strahan understands the connection between looking good and feeling good. After creating a successful line of men's suits, Micheal realized that the outfit is only half of the equation. In order to help men feel more confident, he went on to create his skincare line - Strahan Skin.


For our Senior capstone project, our class created numerous campaigns for the launch of Strahan Skin. The project involved market research and analysis, product testing, digital asset design, and in-person event planning/execution that would be presented to Strahan. 


Our group discovered important key insights within the brand's young, athletic, male demo, and used those insights to develop a full launch plan. We found that many young males lack access to clear, concise information about skincare for men, and therefore avoided products altogether. We created a marketing plan centered around informing the consumer and presenting this information in a way that would be targeted and captivating. This plan included a skincare guide that could be used at a number of different touch-points, and an interactive in-person branding event held at a local Los Angeles bar.  

Michael Strahan - Final Deck-2_edited.jpg
Michael Strahan - Final Deck-3_edited.jpg

Key insights discovered as a result of our audience research. We used these insights to create various campaign elements, like the educational "Guy's Guide" below, which showed users how to apply the Strahan products.

Michael-Strahan-for-HOMBRE-Magazine-1-MS-Daily-Defense-Line3-Copy (1).webp

Photos from our "Pores and Pours" trivia night event.

Michael Strahan - Final Deck-2_edited.jpg
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